About Us

Elish and Adnan are new parents of their son Aidan. Elish is a furniture designer and Adnan is an advertising executive, while Aidan still explores the world playing with pretty much everything he gets his sight on.

As new parents with an interest in high design and sustainability, we were struggling to find high quality, sustainable yet kid friendly furniture in the US. We knew that European furniture manufactures have a history of making simple yet high quality furniture and luckily we found a manufacturer who had furniture we had in mind. We imported a first batch of this furniture for out beach house in New York and we simply fell in love. We fell in love with its design, simplicity and also being worry free for our son exploring it, munching on it and hitting its gentle corners.

Our mission is to share our passion for high design and good quality furniture the rest of the word and voila, here we are. We created Stol Furniture with our manufacture partners. We hope you will enjoy Stol selection of furniture as much as we do.

Elish, Adnan and Aidan