Designed with Family in Mind

Our portfolio of products are designed for adults who value good design, but with children in mind.  We care about our indoor air quality, value environmentally friendly materials.   We also know little ones (and sometimes us big ones) can be a bit messy, therefore we have easy to clean, and scratch resistant materials. Lastly, many of our products were selected for the graceful smooth and soft edges, which can be a bonus when you have little ones running at top speed around the house.


Solid Oak

Solid oak has been used throughout the ages for just about everything. From Viking ships to your very own Gazzda product. It’s dense, hard and strong. The high tannin content keeps most insects and fungi away. And, let’s get real: it looks stunning.

 We believe that such a noble material deserves to breathe and retain its natural state. That’s why we have treated your product with a plant-based Hardwax oil. It is made of carefully selected natural waxes and vegetable oils that penetrate the oak’s pores and nourish it from the inside out.

 By maintaining your oak product with a fresh, Hardwax oil treatment from time to time, you’ll rejuvenate, strengthen and harden its natural properties again and again. That will ensure the oak preserves its authentic beauty and can last for generations.

Linoleum is an all-natural surface material, renowned for its elegance and durability. It has a smooth, matte finish that is warm to the touch. The impressive list of props goes on: linoleum is waterproof, absorbs sound, is antistatic, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Its surfaces are not sensitive to marks or fingerprints. In fact, we urge you to try them for chalk doodles and writing.

The raw materials used to produce linoleum are all-natural: pine rosin, linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, and colour pigments. No toxic substances are released when linoleum is produced or used. So it’s no threat to humans or the environment. Once discarded, linoleum is biodegradable. So it will be slowly returned to Mother N.

Desktop Linoleum

Cotton Webbing

Few materials are closer to nature than cotton. Comfy, durable and versatile, cotton feels as good as it looks. And as sturdy and long lasting as it is, cotton is recyclable. So, when you’ve squeezed out all the pleasure it can provide, it can return to the earth from which it came. Just as Mother N. intended.

Our cotton webbing is made of cotton fibres (99%) and polyester threads on the side (1%). All our webbings are treated with a flame retardant and anti-dirt coating. So it’s ready to take on the tangled web of daily life.

We've assembled a fresh palette of colours. Choose wisely, or jump straight to pink.

The fact that you’ve chosen Toledo leather for your Gazzda product says something about you. It says you appreciate quality and a classic look. It says you have an eye for the finer things in life. It also says that your living space has just gotten a little more awesome.

We specially selected Toledo leather for the products below. And one look at it tells you why. Its corrected-grain surface is durable and flexible. Its unique texture is a playground for the fingertips. And the soft, pliable feel will last a lifetime. But, like all good things, Toledo needs some love and care to stay looking its best.

Toledo Leather

Dakar Leather

When is leather more than just leather? When it carries you away to another time and place. Dakar is timeless and sturdy buffalo leather. It gives a warm and natural touch to any space.  Just sit back and sink into its supple softness. But don’t let the smooth feeling fool you: Dakar’s classic elegance is coupled with enduring strength.

Our Dakar leather is chromium-tanned. After it is treated with chromium salts, it becomes soft and pliable. It is produced without the use of AZO colours. The leather has a light pull-up effect, which means it’s supple and flexible, and over time, will develop its own character and colour distribution. Your Dakar product will be uniquely yours.

If you have a soft spot for rustic, retro and timeless textiles, you'll love Facet. Just run your fingers over its woolly, soft and fuzzy surface and get swept away to a simpler time. And simpler it is: Facet is about as low-maintenance as it gets. It even naturally repels dirt. 

But Facet offers more than just a good feeling. Woven from recycled yarns, this flat weave felt is durable and dynamic, too. Want the specifics? It is made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. It’s also DMF-free. Oh, yeah. And you can add recyclable and reusable to the list. Now, that’s future-focused felt. 

Facet Felt

Main Line Flax

Plant-based friends, you made the right pick. Not a plant-based die-hard? Still the right pick. This woven fabric is 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is made of 70% virgin wool and 30% flax, making it fully reusable and recyclable. 

Because wool is a natural temperature-regulating fibre, it is very breathable, and adapts to normal human temperatures. Main Line Flax always returns to its original conditions, because of wool’s natural rebound force and regenerative capacity. So, it stays fresh, even when used for years.

Main Line is inviting to the eye, and soft to the touch. It is breathable, purifying, anti-static and hardwearing. If taken care of properly, it can serve for decades. You might say the future of fabrics has arrived.

Meet Petrol and Grey. Despite their ‘temper’, we promise they're great to live with. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ‘normal’ glass, and it does not shatter into jagged shards when broken. Instead, it fractures into (relatively) harmless, small chunks. So, no worries: Petrol and Grey can take a bump. 

But there’s more to tempered glass than just its built-in safety feature. This quality glass is stunning to look at, tough and resilient in daily use and of course - transparent. Want more? If one day you decide to dispose of your glass plate, it can be recycled and reused in the production of new glass materials.

Tempered Glass

Cotton Rope

Mother N. is beautiful when she’s in balance. That’s why we’ve taken two natural materials and woven them together to bring out the best of both. For every six fibres of strong, beautiful natural cotton, there are four fibres of stretchy, long-lasting natural rubber. Together, they create rope that stands the test of time, yet comforts with a smooth touch.

The consistent weave of our cotton rope is beautiful all on its own. So we don’t use any dyes or finishing layers that might detract from the raw colour or natural feel. You’ll enjoy the fresh look and subtle texture of this rope for a long time. But if you do ever decide to let it go, it’s completely biodegradable and can return to Mother N. How’s that for balance?