Diamond Shades


Walnut Window Shades are meant to both connect and divide. Each bar rotates, spinning the shades open or closed. They can be placed in front of a window or in the middle of a space allowing for more or less light to travel through.


8 bar: 3" x 10" x 6”, 21 shades. Custom dims. available upon request.


Walnut, Brass, or White Oak and Aluminum Custom Materials available upon request

Who is Elish Warlop 

Drawing on myriad skills honed throughout a diverse career, Brooklyn-based lighting and furniture designer Elish Warlop seeks to explore the paradox of motion within stillness. This idea manifests itself in her creations, which on first glance appear simple and elegant, but on closer inspection reveal more complex construction meant to draw the viewer in. A licensed architect with a B.A. from Cornell University, Warlop garnered two AIA awards for Studio B Architects (a Colorado based architecture firm) where she began her career before moving on to construction management and her own company, EFW Construction. Looking to take the next step in her career trajectory she decided to pursue an MFA in furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. With this newfound knowledge she launched Elish Warlop Design Studio and set about merging creativity and design with construction and experimentation. As Warlop moves from research and sketches to model making and workable prototypes, new ideas and directions tend to emerge along the way. She finds great joy in this process and trusts it to guide her where she needs to go.