Ena | lowboard

Hardwax oil Natural
Hardwax oil White

Plug and play, powered by Fina. 

Ena arrived, which is good news for people who love Netflix, video games, karaoke and a whole lot more. This lowboard is the perfect match for your television. Also, for connecting tech, storing notebooks, tablets, and other personal trophies.

Product info:

  • Size: W: 53.1" | 70.9" | 88.6" D: 16.5" | 21.6" H: 17.7" 

  • Body: Oiled oak

  • Surface drawers: MDF White

  • Storage function:

    • Two drawers (soft-close) + drop down door (middle)


Solid oak

Solid oak has been used throughout the ages for just about everything. From Viking ships to your very own Gazzda product. It’s dense, hard and strong. The high tannin content keeps most insects and fungi away. And, let’s get real: it looks stunning. 

By maintaining your oak product with a fresh, Hardwax oil treatment from time to time, you’ll rejuvenate, strengthen and harden its natural properties again and again. That will ensure the oak preserves its authentic beauty and can last for generations.

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