Fawn | chair

Hardwax oil Natural
Hardwax oil White
Seat Option
Cotton Webbing

A design that'll never grow old.

If handcrafted quality makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this is the dining chair for you. Every bit of Fawn is polished to perfection, giving her a smooth, fluid feel. Next to tactility, Fawn’s central design themes are lightness and transparency. As well as a minimal number of materials and harmonious proportions. 

While created out of solid oak, she is super light and has a rock-hard construction without the use of any screws, bolts or other types of metal. Go ahead: move her around the house. You can put her anywhere you want to kick back in a jiffy. And she comes in a bunch of different, fresh colors: pick your favorite, or mix it up to make any room a colorful playground.

Product info:

  • Size: W: 18.9" D: 18.9" H: 31.1"

  • Frame: Solid oak

  • Seat: Cotton webbing


Solid oak

Solid oak has been used throughout the ages for just about everything. From Viking ships to your very own Gazzda product. It’s dense, hard and strong. The high tannin content keeps most insects and fungi away. And, let’s get real: it looks stunning. 

By maintaining your oak product with a fresh, Hardwax oil treatment from time to time, you’ll rejuvenate, strengthen and harden its natural properties again and again. That will ensure the oak preserves its authentic beauty and can last for generations.

Available finishes

Oak | Hardwax oil white 1015

Oak | Hardwax oil natural 1505

Cotton Webbing

Few materials are closer to nature than cotton. Comfy, durable and versatile, cotton feels as good as it looks. And as sturdy and long lasting as it is, cotton is recyclable. So, when you’ve squeezed out all the pleasure it can provide, it can return to the earth from which it came. Just as Mother N. intended.

Cotton webbing is made of cotton fibers (99%) and polyester threads on the side (1%). All our webbings are treated with a flame retardant and anti-dirt coating. So it’s ready to take on the tangled web of daily life.

Gazzda has assembled a fresh palette of colors. Choose wisely, or jump straight to pink. 

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