Fawn | side table | nightstand

Hardwax oil Natural
Hardwax oil White
Gray glass

Our tiny multi-talent. 

Where does a side table actually belong? Depends on where you need it. If you’re chilling on the sofa, she’s happy to hold your drink or lunch. Reading one more chapter before lights out? Fawn is right at home next to your bed. Best of all, she’s so light, you can move her around whenever the mood strikes you.

She’s got Gazzda’s signature solid-oak frame, a hand-tied rope shelf, and a transparent glass top. Don’t just put her anywhere. Put her everywhere.

Product info:

  • Size: W: 16.5" D: 13.4" H: 18.1" 

  • Frame: Solid oak

  • Plate: Tempered glass

  • Hand-tied rope: Elastic cotton rope


Solid oak

Solid oak has been used throughout the ages for just about everything. From Viking ships to your very own Gazzda product. It’s dense, hard and strong. The high tannin content keeps most insects and fungi away. And, let’s get real: it looks stunning. 

By maintaining your oak product with a fresh, Hardwax oil treatment from time to time, you’ll rejuvenate, strengthen and harden its natural properties again and again. That will ensure the oak preserves its authentic beauty and can last for generations.

Available finishes

Oak | Hardwax oil white 1015

Oak | Hardwax oil natural 1505 

Tempered glass

Meet Petrol and Grey. Despite their ‘temper’, we promise they're great to live with. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ‘normal’ glass, and it does not shatter into jagged shards when broken. Instead, it fractures into (relatively) harmless, small chunks. So, no worries: Petrol and Grey can take a bump. 

But there’s more to tempered glass than just its built-in safety feature. This quality glass is stunning to look at, tough and resilient in daily use and of course - transparent. Want more? If one day you decide to dispose of your glass plate, it can be recycled and reused in the production of new glass materials

Cotton Rope

Mother N. is beautiful when she’s in balance. That’s why Gazzda has taken two natural materials and woven them together to bring out the best of both. For every six fibers of strong, beautiful natural cotton, there are four fibers of stretchy, long-lasting natural rubber. Together, they create rope that stands the test of time, yet comforts with a smooth touch.

The consistent weave of our cotton rope is beautiful all on its own. Gazzda doesn’t use any dyes or finishing layers that might detract from the raw color or natural feel. You’ll enjoy the fresh look and subtle texture of this rope for a long time. But if you do ever decide to let it go, it’s completely biodegradable and can return to Mother N. How’s that for balance?

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