Leina | bar chair

Hardwax oil White
Hardwax oil Natural
Light green
Light pink

Tall steel legs, to support the longest nights. 

Prefer a cold beer or a healthy juice? Whatever floats your boat, Gazzda's Leina bar chairs will hold you up as you toss ‘em back.

The best Gazzda's woodworkers made her solid-oak seat hover a few centimeters above the powder-coated steel legs, to add a touch of Gazzda airiness. Choose between two chair heights and select a fresh color of powder-coated steel. Add comfy natural leather seating pads for drinks that extend beyond happy hour. Salut!

Product info:

  • Sizes: W: 17.7" D: 18.9" H: 32.7" | 36.6"

  • Seat: Solid oak

  • Legs: Powder coated steel


Solid oak

Solid oak has been used throughout the ages for just about everything. From Viking ships to your very own Gazzda product. It’s dense, hard and strong. The high tannin content keeps most insects and fungi away. And, let’s get real: it looks stunning. 

By maintaining your oak product with a fresh, Hardwax oil treatment from time to time, you’ll rejuvenate, strengthen and harden its natural properties again and again. That will ensure the oak preserves its authentic beauty and can last for generations.

Powder-Coated Steel

When Gazzda uses steel in their products, they make sure it brings the same features they look for in other natural materials: lightness, airiness and warmth. Does it seem strange to talk about steel using those descriptors? Not for Gazzda. Their steel fits right in with their love for minimalistic, contemporary designs that feel good and look even better.

Powder-coated steel frames are coated in epoxy and polyester resins that feel warm and natural to the touch. The coating also keeps the steel from yellowing and helps it last a long, long time. What’s more, no solvents are used to create powder-coated steel, which reduces waste and emissions during production. 

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